Thursday, June 29, 2006

Got the bodykit removed on Tuesday - had to resort to cutting the body away with it in some areas as the bolts would not come undone, and other parts (like the rear of the sills) just fell away as the body was completely rotten - but another item for resale!

Decided to crack on with removing the wiring loom this evening. Once the dashboard was removed access to the wiring was pretty easy, but as suspected the wiring for the electric windows was not done by Rover - it had been a retro-fit job, so there is a fair bit of undoing to do to remove it. Also, there are the remains of an alarm/immobiliser system fitted which also needs to be removed, along with circuits such as heater, wipers, etc.

Anyway the last bits of the loom were labelled and eventually freed from the car as a bit pile of wiring spaghetti. The next job is to remove the drivetrain, but that will have to wait to the weekend - family wedding to deal with first!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Stripping out

Yesterday was the England football match against Ecuador so not a lot got done on the Metro, but did take the front seats out to use as armchairs to watch the match! I live in a very social area and after having a bar-b-q in the road, most of the neighbours piled into nextdoors garage to watch the football together.

This evening I carried on stripping out the interior. Why am I bothering to strip the interior you might ask? Two reasons - firstly makes removing the wiring loom easier, and secondly I am selling the interior to recover some of the cost of the car. Someone had rewired the electric window switches at some point using some nasty little spade connectors and insulation tape - looked horrible. I am assuming this is not how Rover wired them up in the first place though......

Got virtually all of the interior out by the time I gave up. Plan for tomorrow is to remove the bodykit (for resale) and remove as much of the wiring loom as possible.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The first steps

Early day today as I left home at 4.45am to go and collect the Metro donor car.

Arrived at the owners home after a mere 213 mile drive. Car was as described, Tony the owner even made me a cup of tea, and he was happy to hear it was being made into a kit car.

After the return drive with the Metro safely on the trailer, I have started the stripdown. I am concentrating on the wiring loom to start with as the plan is to remove this then my electrical expert will strip it down and lay it out in its new format ready for the arrival of the kit at the end of July. The next stage is to disconnect the engine ancilleries and suspension and remove the front end complete in its subframe.

Image shows the engine bay with the washer bottle (left), air filter box (middle) and battery (right) removed, and the non engine wiring disconnected (and labelled!) back to the bulkhead.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Donor car found

The search for a donor had taken in the free ad papers, ebay, personal contacts, etc.

I had decided I wanted to use a 16v engine with the multi point injection which is the most powerful version with best tuning potential. These engines are found mainly in the 214/414 Rovers, but the Mongoose kit needs the hubs, driveshafts, rack & column from the Metro, which would mean having two donor cars. A nice combination of the pair is the Metro GTI, some of which had the MPi engine, some 16V, some had both.

I managed to track one down on ebay and have purchased it for £156 - it is about 200 miles from home but will have most of the components in one car which will make the build easier.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The beginning

I was always told the beginning was the best place to here goes.

This blog will be following the build up of a Onyx Mongoose kit car - starting from acquiring the donor cars through to passing SVA and getting it on the road.

I have set this site up as a blog rather than a normal website as it is much easier to update which hopefully means I will!

The situation today is that I yesterday ordered a kit from Onyx Sportscars which I am scheduled to collect on the 29th July 2006. The plan is to have the donor cars purchased, dismantled and prepared prior to the collection so the build up can start straight away.

For more details on the kit, contents and prices please click on the Onyx Sportscars link on the right.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions as I go along.