Thursday, June 29, 2006

Got the bodykit removed on Tuesday - had to resort to cutting the body away with it in some areas as the bolts would not come undone, and other parts (like the rear of the sills) just fell away as the body was completely rotten - but another item for resale!

Decided to crack on with removing the wiring loom this evening. Once the dashboard was removed access to the wiring was pretty easy, but as suspected the wiring for the electric windows was not done by Rover - it had been a retro-fit job, so there is a fair bit of undoing to do to remove it. Also, there are the remains of an alarm/immobiliser system fitted which also needs to be removed, along with circuits such as heater, wipers, etc.

Anyway the last bits of the loom were labelled and eventually freed from the car as a bit pile of wiring spaghetti. The next job is to remove the drivetrain, but that will have to wait to the weekend - family wedding to deal with first!


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