Monday, June 26, 2006

Stripping out

Yesterday was the England football match against Ecuador so not a lot got done on the Metro, but did take the front seats out to use as armchairs to watch the match! I live in a very social area and after having a bar-b-q in the road, most of the neighbours piled into nextdoors garage to watch the football together.

This evening I carried on stripping out the interior. Why am I bothering to strip the interior you might ask? Two reasons - firstly makes removing the wiring loom easier, and secondly I am selling the interior to recover some of the cost of the car. Someone had rewired the electric window switches at some point using some nasty little spade connectors and insulation tape - looked horrible. I am assuming this is not how Rover wired them up in the first place though......

Got virtually all of the interior out by the time I gave up. Plan for tomorrow is to remove the bodykit (for resale) and remove as much of the wiring loom as possible.


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