Thursday, July 13, 2006

Engine out

Had a great leap forward tonight. With the help of a friend Terry we managed to get the engine & gearbox out, still on the front subframe. But what a nightmare it was.......

I had decided to take it out on the subframe as I needed the steering rack, and to get it out the subframe needs to be lowered. We started by depressurising the Hydragas suspension system via the valves near the rear wheels - what a messy job. We then detached the last ancilleries - fuel lines, brake pipe, etc and unbolted the subframe. As we lifted the body away from the chassis we realised that we had not disconnected the rear engine mount or the gear linkage. Both were very reluctant to come apart, especially the linkage, and we had to resort to removing the exhaust and then the gear stick end of the linkage as we could not disconnect it from the gearbox. The mounting bolt was reluctant as it was now under tension, but it submitted to hammer & drift.

The subframe was then free, and the last thing to do was cut the hydragas lines. Unfortunately as the weight was all on the rear wheels, this pressurised the front units, so it became a very messy job - eventually I just cut through them quickly and Terry held them up as soon as they were cut to prevent any further leaks.

If I did it again I would removed the driveshafts and then the engine and gearbox. Terry had suggested the method we used, but mentioned half way through he had never actually tried it!


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