Friday, July 14, 2006

Fuel tank/rear beam part one

Well, after the great progress of last night, didn't get very far today. People came round, I chatted to the neighbours, and never really got going.

Got the engine out from under the car, and cut the exhaust off shorter. Then I lowered the front of the car and raised the back to give access to the tank & rear beam. I cut off the remaining exhaust, released and disconnected the handbrake, and then released the fuel lines so they will come out with the tank. I managed to disconnect the tank filler pipe, but then was running out of light - unfortunately we broke the inspection lamp last night, so that brought an end to the evening.

Funny event though was when I pulled myself out from under the car by the rear wheelarch and I heard a crack - one good tug and the whole arch came off - underneath it was totally rotten and had been repaired by sticking an arch on with filler over the top!


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