Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fuel tank/rear beam part two

Another day of good 90 minutes I had the rear beam and fuel tank out.

I got an early start as we had a lot of things on today - 8.00am I was out and getting on with it. I tried to disconnect the handbrake cable from the hubs, but it was having none of it, so I cut through the rear hydragas pipes and support straps, then unbolted the beam mounts, having lowered the body shell to the ground. I then lifted the shell back up and left the beam on the ground, just disconnecting the hand brake from the front (lever) end.

I then removed the fuel tank bolts, and it dropped away with some jiggling - the filler tube and vents were reluctant to come apart, but with a bit of leverage they did. Pumped out the tank with a hand siphon and took out 10 litres - that will keep my motocross bike running for a while! I will have to remove the pump from the tank and then I will probably fill it with water to remove the vapour for safety.

All I need now is to remove the handbrake lever, brake master cylinder and VIN plate and hopefully by next weekend I can wave goodbye to the body shell - it is now sat on the driveway on its belly.


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