Sunday, July 30, 2006

Got it!

After a long day yesterday I have most of the kit now in my garage. Onyx is 275 miles from where I live so I split the trip over two days, staying with friends overnight.

I collected the main parts of the kit - chassis, grp panels, alloy panels, shock absorbers, waterpipes, steering rack, additional set of hubs. The rest is to follow and will be with me in 10 days. I spent time with David Golightly looking over the prototype Mongoose which has been partly dismantled and I also took lots of digital images to help me. The build manual should be completed by Onyx in a couple of weeks

Got the chassis up on axle stands. Have been thinking about the finish to give the chassis, but as there are holes to drill in certain areas I will dry fit most items then dismantle it and get it painted then.


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