Monday, July 03, 2006

More dismantling

Well the wedding was got out of the way on Saturday, with a lovely 550 mile round trip, so decided to have a lay in Sunday morning, then we had a thunderstorm, then I decided to take my son out to a car show, so ended up doing nothing to the car all day! Building kit cars is often like this!

Got back on with it tonight. Started stripping the engine ancillaries in preparation to remove the front end. Got the radiator, header tank and battery tray out. Could have got more done if I hadn't spent so much time chatting to the neighbours. Another evening on it should mean the front end is ready to come out - the plan being to lift the body off the front subframe once everything is disconnected, probably at the weekend. But I also have a road rally to compete in at the weekend......

Had a bit of success with some parts off the Metro - sold the bodykit and seat belts for the grand total of £62. Didn't find a buyer for the interior, but have managed to find someone to give it to! Have purchased a Mountney steering wheel boss, which matches a wheel I have spare from a previous project.


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