Thursday, July 06, 2006

More wiring loom stripping

The Metro interior got collected today (yippee) so with space created in the garage I was able to lay out the wiring loom on the floor. I continued stripping from the back end of the loom, removing circuits such as heated rear window, rear wash wipe, central locking & courtesy lights. Plan at the moment is to hold the loom together temporarily with cable ties, then lay it out in the Mongoose and see where everything goes, such as the petrol tank, and route the wiring accordingly.

The picture shows the sub loom which my neighbour has returned after soldering up to remove the 'bridging' blocks Rover used - this loom connected the fuseboard to the instrument binnacle and various dash items including cigar lighter, glove box light, rear wash wipe, etc , the wiring for all of which was removed except for the fog light switch. This was a real sprawl of electrical spaghetti before, and is now just the instrument wiring and fog light switch - next time I will take before and after pics to show the difference!


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