Sunday, July 30, 2006

Steering rack/column

Steady stream of visitors today to see my purchase -the neighbours are a lot more interested this time round as they know something interesting will appear shortly.

Well, you have to start somewhere, so I started with the rack and column.

Rack went straight on, having been an exchange part provided by Onyx. When I connected the steering column I first made the mistake of offering it up under the chassis rails - then realised there was nowhere for my legs to go! Putting it on top where it should be it laid out quite nicely, but I needed to cut off the bracket shown on the image along with the locating 'pegs' on the mounts.

Five minutes with the grinder had the bits removed, and offered up the column again. Better fit, but have realised I will have to remove the steering lock to make it fit properly as the lock fouls the cross rail.

I have decided to dry fit all the major components then dismantle it and get the chassis painted - this should result in a better finish overall.


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