Friday, July 07, 2006

Wiring loom fully dissected

Decided to go for it tonight and rip out all the parts of the loom I won't require. Went very well just following back wires either to the bridging blocks or fuse board - I have left about 100mm of cable of each cut off wire to use to tidy up later. Other good news is on the cable that ran down the nearside wing of the Metro -I have managed to separate the engine and lighting parts of the cable, as the engine loom will now need to go backwards from the fuseboard rather than forwards. I am hoping there is enough cable to reach the engine in its new position to save the hassle of extending the loom. Picture shows the loom once I had stripped out the redundant circuits, and the plastic bag has all the wiring removed in it.

Will get back to removing the drivetrain this weekend, but as I have a road rally on Saturday night this will interupt progress.


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