Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wiring loom time

Not feeling too good today - appear to have picked up a cold from someone at the wedding, in fact think it was the bride!

Spent a short while with my electrical expert neighbour starting stripping the loom down. We laid out the loom on the drive in the same format as it is in the car, and started on one of the sub looms which served the dashboard switches and the instrument cluster. We managed to remove all the wiring with the exception of the fog light switch and instrument wires, which narrowed it down no end. The main problem was the bridging blocks which Rover used to distribute power and earth leads about which we could not get the wires out of. So we cut the wires not required and the others will be joined by soldering.

Tomorrow we plan to start on the main loom, working from the back to the front.

Spoke to David Golightly today to confirm my body panel colours - main body will be yellow and the wheel arches black to give it that open wheeler look. Kit collection still planned for the 29th of July.


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