Sunday, August 20, 2006

Engine cover part 2

Yet again too many distractions today so only managed to get the engine cover cut out finished.

The same process of repeatedly 'mark then trim' continued, and once I got the cover to sit correctly, I added back on parts such as the throttle body, fuel return & plenum stay bar and cut round those. Once I removed the tape I was quite pleased with the result. I have got the rear lower edge of the cover to sit level with the top of the chassis.

Wondering if I have been a busy fool taking the time to cut it so close - just think it looks so much better than a big oblong hole. Cover will be fixed by two pins near the rollbar which will go through grommets on the cover, then secured by two Dzus clips at the rear. The rear face of the cover has developed a curve which I may try and straighten out using a strip of aluminum bolted to the back of it.


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