Saturday, August 19, 2006

Engine cover

Been a bit quiet on the car for a few days as I have been unwell. Wont go into detail but there is now a hazard warning sign on our toilet door.....! Good news is I received another batch of parts from Onyx - main items being pedal box, sump, pick up pipe, exhaust manifold and handbrake lever.

I turned my attention today to cutting the hole through the rear bodywork so it sat in the correction location. The reason for working on the bodywork so early is to ensure everything I fit under the cover will not foul it. Offering it up showed a reasonable size hole would be required. There were two ways to mark out the hole - either make a small hole and work out from it, or make a cardboard template and cut it out in one go. As there would be difficulty in locating the hole exactly correct on the cover using a template, I went for the first method.

Working underneath I marked the highest point (throttle unit) and drilled a hole through from the underside then enlarged it using a jigsaw. I supported the cover on two workmate units with sheets over to protect the paintwork

The first hole gave a starting point to mark from on top where to expand the hole.

I covered the work area of the cover in masking tape for the combined reason of making it easier to mark out and also to protect the paintwork. I worked out slowly, concentrating on the next part which prevented the cover going any lower, then cutting that away, and repeating the exercise. Along the way I removed the connection to the servo, various cable support brackets, and the left hand injection unit support arm. Where necessary these will be replaced once the cover is in place and flat.

By the end of the afternoon I had nearly got the hole finished, but frustration was starting to set in as the last cutting was getting very fiddly so decided to leave it until tomorrow, to prevent me loosing my rag with it and making the hole bigger than I wanted!


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