Monday, August 14, 2006

Engine fully in

Today seemed to be a lot of activity and not a lot of return, but the engine is now mounted.

Once the right hand side mount had been fully tightened, the mount at the camshaft end needed shimming out. I used a number of M8 repair (penny) washers and then cut bolts to the correct length. This then secured the engine at two points.

The rear/gearbox mount was next. This is produced undrilled and I put masking tape over the mount to make the marks for drilling easier to see - it bolts to two of the holes normally used for bolting the two halves of the gearbox together. I then marked up the bolt holes by eye and drilled 3mm pilot holes to check they were in the correct location. I then opened them out to 8mm and put the bolts in. This mount also requires a space/shims for which I have temporily used some 12mm tube, but will make something more substantial later on. Daft thing I did do was putting the engine/gearbox in with the bolts where the gearbox mounts still in - the problem this causes is getting them out as the mount is then in the way - doh! Got round it by loosening the other engine bolts and swinging the engine round slightly. I also ground a small amount out of the mount to allow the gearbox filler plug to be removed more easily.

So here it is in its new home. Busy with family things over the next couple of days but will hopefully get a few hours in here and there. Also the wishbones should arrive this week so should have some good progress over the weekend.


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