Thursday, August 24, 2006


Few more parts fitted last night. First off was the handbrake. This is an exchange part which is modified to enable it to operate vertically rather than horizontally. It was a straight bolt on fit once I ground a little of the top of the bracket. May have to cut away some of the seat to give it clearance, and also put the bolts in the other way so they don't interfere with the water pipes.

Next up was the exhaust manifold - this was a straight bolt on part, may just need to grind away a little of the bellhousing to give a little more clearance.

Finally I refitted to top water pipe housing. To get this to fit I had to grind way a corner of the chassis rail that overhangs from the end of the upper engine mount just to give the hose enough clearance. This rail will be shorter on future production chassis's to avoid this problem.

I trial fitted one of the old Metro pipes to connect the top water pipe to the water pipes which run down the tunnel - and it worked! Just need to find one to fit the other pipe!


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