Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gear linkage part 1/Oil filter

A day of much thinking and head scratching, and some progress.

Plan today was to get the gear linkage fitted. First stage was a bit of work on the Mini gear shift. I have already removed the 'steady' arm which is bolted to it as it is not required on the Mongoose. As it operates back to front on the Mongoose I had to remove the base plate to allow full movement of the gearstick - the angle section attached to the plate prevents you engaging reverse instead of first. I have just removed the plate for now - the linkage is designed for a 4 speed box and I am using a five so may run without any 'reverse' protection

Once bolted in to the brackets on the chassis, I cut the rod to length which runs to the rear of the car. This then slides over the Mini operating rod for an initial line up/fit.

This then operates the two parts of the gear selector on the gearbox. The first part (when you push the gearshift forwards and back) is operated through an L shaped arm which then operated a arm which goes across the engine to the gearbox (not shown on image below), the other part of the selector (when you move the gear shift left to right) is operated by a short arm which is welded to the rod which runs to the back of the car (cross rod from this is shown on image below).

Problems I have encountered are the brackets for the gearshift unit are not in alignment so the rod from it does not run correctly down the side of the car to allow it to mate up with the rear rod (brackets need moving), and the same rod needs a universal joint in it to allow smooth passage from the gear shift to the rear of the car - I have found a steering UJ that I can use.

I have the basic idea of what needs doing in my head.....just need to get it all together, hopefully tomorrow.

Final job (so at least I suceeded in something!!!) was to grind away a small amount of the oil filter housing to allow it to clear the chassis - see below.


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