Saturday, August 05, 2006

Seats Part 1

Been a bit quiet on the Mongoose for a few days but had some action today. A work colleague kindly dropped off the seats at 7am this morning, and I quickly had them in the car for a sizing up. It was obvious that the rather agricultural (and heavy) subframes had to be removed.

As you can see the passenger would of had a windy ride! After the subframes were off the seats were offered up again, and although a tight fit, should go in. I also had to have my first test fitting!

My first idea was to weld a 25mm tube between the angle iron for the harness mounts, two captive nuts on the back of it, and also two brackets at the front of the seat. Problem was this did not give enough support at the back of the seat - being fibreglass it flexed and I could see the SVA inspector not being impressed. A lot of thinking and mocking up later, I went with the 25mm tube, but with an additional piece across the back supported by two offcuts of the old subframe angle iron. Problems incurred were making sure I left enough space for the harness bolting in and also the rear of the seat lines up with the cross bar for the harness mounts. Will pull the chassis out of the garage tomorrow for a full welding job. Image shows the rear seat bracket vertical part - this will take the cross bar to support the back of the seat.

I have also borrowed a tube bender for the weekend to put an 'S' bend in the water pipes which will solve the problem with them touching the steering rack. Onyx have modified the pipes on future kits so this does not happen.


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