Sunday, August 06, 2006

Seats part 2

Well not a good progress was summed up when the neighbour came to help lift the chassis back into the garage this evening and asked what I had actually done as he couldn't see any difference to when he carried it out in the morning. Big interupption of the day was watching the Hungarian GP and seeing Jensen take his first win (yippee!!)

After that I got down to it, but there was still some fiddling with the rear seat support. I decided that I wanted it further back than originally planned to give the back of the seat more support, which meant putting the angle iron brackets in a different place. I nipped to a DIY shop to buy some more 25mm tube for the cross rail, but the only stuff they had was about 2mm thick and like a girder - way too heavy. So I returned home and rummaged through my 'scrap' and came across the handle off an old lawnmower.

A quick measure up showed it was 20mm diameter and about 1.5mm wall thickness - ideal. A quick chopping session with the grinder I had the parts and tacked them together with the welder.

If you are wondering why the bracket does not appear central it is because the seat is over the the outside edge of the car slightly to give clearance for the water pipes which go down the centre tunnel. I did the welds a bit more securely and got the seat in. It needs drilling at the rear for the bolts to pull it straight, and the captive nutes welded on, but otherwise is almost there.

I have put in the front rail on the other (driver) side and plan to replicate what I have done on the other side to pull the seat into line - they both appear to be twisted slightly and I want them too look as a matched pair rather than lopsided. Then I went out for a run in the 2B with some friends, so it was work over for the day.

Hopefully the next few days will see better progress.....


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