Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Steering column part 2

Removed the steering lock assembly so I could get the column lined up tonight. The lock comes off by drilling out the two M8 shear head bolts, the remains of the bolt can then be undone with a pair of molegrips.

I have lined up the column in the centre of the seating position (i.e. half way between the harness mounts) and all appears fine. May hang on actually drilling it until the seats are fitted.

Found an alternative mounting point for the ignition lock - clamps to one of the chassis rails and will poke the key slot out through the dash. Will cut some 'corners' into the lock clamp to make it locate securely.

Finally, offered up the Metro radiator to the chassis to see if it will fit - it fits the chassis but due to the right hand side outlet will not fit inside the nosecone. Onyx use a Polo radiator as used in Westfields, which with some internet searching came out as being a 1.05/1.3 Polo from 1983 - 90, the core of which is 380mm wide, 330mm deep, 35mm thick, VW part no. 867 121 253E


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