Monday, August 07, 2006


Another evening of nominal success. Decided to put the bends in the waterpipes to get them to miss the steering rack. As mentioned before this problem has been corrected on future kits. I had borrowed a pipe bender from a friend at work to aid the task.

My road rally navigator popped round to give me a hand, and after some back of the fag packet calculations we set about bending the pipes. Unfortunately we (well, I) attacked it with too much gusto and promptly put a kink in the first pipe. After some fiddling I discovered the technique was to put several small bends in the pipe rather than attempt one big one, or you just kink it - like I did! After a bit of trial and error I got the bends I wanted, which lowered the pipe by about 50mm.

By the time I got onto the second pipe I had fine tuned my technique and made two smooth bends. I am going to try and obtain some more steel tube to replace the kinked one - its not really that bad but would prefer a better bend if I can achieve it.

Pipes now come out neatly between the steering rack and the bottom shock mount. Final job will be to weld some 10mm nuts in between the two pipes so they are spaced apart enought at each end to get the hoses on.


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