Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gear linkage part 2

Well I am still about.....busy week so no progress then went to the Red Bull Air Race at Longleat have it cancelled at 4pm after hanging around or queuing in the car most of the day....great fun with a pair of bored toddlers in the car.....not!

Back to the car. Managed to get a couple of hours in this morning. Basically got the front half of the linkage sorted. I have welded in a universal joint from a steering column to allow the angle between the gear shift and the gear linkage at the rear, also allowing for some adjustment by having a threaded section. (Note the subtle 'adjustment' tool in shot!) Last problem to solve is how to support the tube as it goes through the bulkhead.

Todays top you can see I have the section near the UJ which allows for adjustment

To get the nut central in the UJ section (hollow tube) I wrapped masking tape round threaded bar I was using to hold the nut until it was the same diameter as the ID of the tube so it fitted snugly inside the tube, welded the nut on the end of the tube, then removed the threaded bar and the tape dropped out via the UJ joint. (Hope this makes sense!) The other side is a allen key type head bolt which fits sungly into the tube going to the rear of the car. I have welded the nut to the end of the tube and will drill two holes in by the head of the bolt (which is inside the tube) to plug weld it in position.

At the back the rods are in position. The main actuation arm on the gearbox (top left) requires modification - basically the large balance weight will be hacked off and the ball joint welded close to the pivot point (future posts will make more sense of this). The other arm is already in position.


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