Friday, September 15, 2006

Gear linkage part 3 - the end

Been a bit quiet on the Mongoose with other commitments and also I am building a small car for my sons birthday present which is next weekend so pressure is on other things.....

Spent a little while the other day on the gear linkage, following a conversation with Onyx regarding the problems I was having with getting the linkage through the bulkhead rails. Onyx had assembled one of the chassis's themselves and discovered the same problem, but their way round it was to modify the bracket which the 'L' arm pivots on to make it further out from the centre line of the car - this is done by slotting the holes - which makes the rod go between the two vertical rails in the bulkhead and miss the engine mounting bolts

So I drew a deep breath and cut off my nice universal joint system on the main tube and welded back on the original tube (doh!). I then measured up the length for the main tube to be welded onto the gearshift. As the ID of the tube is much greater than the OD of the rod from the gearshift, I welded some tube round the outside of the rod to the tube sat central.

I then slid the tube over the rod and tack welded it into place, checking the alignment of the bracket at the end of the rod. I then offered this into place and connected the rod which lifts the the operating arm on the gearbox, which it appeared to operate OK.

Next job was to cut and reweld the main operating arm on the gearbox. This normally consists of a heavy weight and a long arm.

This is cut and rewelded on the Mongoose to shorten to operating length. To allow space for the ball joint to be pushed on and off I had to weld on the shortened arm at an angle, and I came up with this Heath Robinson method of holding it - the spanner wedged in creates the angle.

Once I had tacked it each side (being careful not to weld the spanner to it) I removed the support and welded it across the top, and popped on the ball joint.

The moment of truth.......I grabbed the gear lever, click 2nd, click 3rd, 4th, 5th......clunk..reverse.... Needs some final adjustment but otherwise we are sorted in the gear selection department.


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