Monday, September 18, 2006

Radiator & hubs

Spent yesterday morning at a local classic car show with a couple of good friend in our Robin Hoods, and I also bumped into Dave Smart who manufactures the Mini based Funbuggy ( Had a piece of real luck meeting up with a friend who just happened to have with him the correct Polo radiator for the Mongoose - how lucky is that!

So the first part of the afternoon was dedicated to making the Metro cooling fan fit onto the Polo radiator. I had some assistance from a neighbour Adam who has just got a degree in Motorsport Engineering, which is quite handy! We took the cooling fan off the Metro radiator and offered it up to the Polo one. The first obvious thing to be removed was the clips on the top and bottom of the fan which held it to the Metro radiator which would then allow it to lay flat against the Polo one. Once we had removed these we made up three brackets out of flat steel strip to support the fan.

These screwed into the original mounts on the radiator end tanks, and hold the fan securely. We offered it into place to make sure nothing was in the way, which it wasn't.

Next job was to remove the bottom ball joints from the hubs. Sounds a simple job right? Wrong! Probably a lot easier when the items are supported on the vehicle, rather than chasing them round the drive whilts hitting them with a big hammer. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we gave up on trying to retain the ball joints (they are removed but knocking out the rivets that hold them to the bottom arm, which didn't want to be knocked out), and cut away with the grinder until they came free of the hubs. So off to the motor factors for 2 new bottom ball joints....

Wishbones hsould arrive this week so hopefully it will be on its wheels in a couple of weeks.


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