Wednesday, October 04, 2006


It has been a bit quiet on the blog as you will have noticed. This has not been down to a lack of activity this end, but is summarised quite well by the comment Onyx put on their website a couple of days ago:

Trevor has had a few teething problems with his build, which we are working on with him to rectify. The problem appears to be outside sourced parts at our end. With this in mind we have brought all manufacturing in house. This of course limits our production capacity so for the moment we can only supply TS models. So if you think Trevors build is a little slow and complicated its not his fault an it will speed up. Sorry Trevor!

David Golightly of Onyx has been very helpful and apologetic regarding the problems encountered - these have been mainly with regard to the location of some brackets on the chassis and also the fabrication of some suspension parts. For example, the reason the engine took a while to fit was the left hand bracket had been welded on in the incorrect position, so I ended up putting the engine in and out around 5 times and relocating the bracket to sort it out. The reason I did not mention it at the time is I believe the Mongoose is a good product and I didn't want to damage its reputation over a small issue with a bracket, and as these problems have been solved with subsequent chassis's it was not a long term issue.

Kit car builders should accept that the majority of manufacturers are small operations and problems will occur from time to time. It is how they deal with these problems is the important thing and David has worked hard to sort things as quickly as possible.

I have now received all the replacement parts (now made in house by Onyx) so things should start to progress again.


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