Monday, December 04, 2006

Front suspension

Is it really two months since my last update? Must get on with it.....

Front suspension. Had been awaiting some of the suspension bushes from Onyx, and have now received some of them. Majority are quite small ones which can be gently pressed into the wishbone eyes (once you have removed the seam inside the eye), but the ones for the front upper two wishbones/rocker arms took a little more persuading, so I used some studding and big washers to press them in. One had to be pressed in on a hydraulic press by a friend.

Once I had enough components I started to assemble the front suspension. First in was the shock which was assembled using the heavier spring (250lbs), and to this the upper suspension arm was bolted. I then put in the lower wishbone with the Metro ball joint fitted. This was supported by a axle stand with a small scissor jack on the top - the reason for this was I could then fit the Metro hub onto it, and jack up the whole assembly to make the top of the hub engage into the top wishbone.

A bolt through the bottom of the hub and a nut on the top and the whole assembly was temporarily secure.


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